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FSIVF Centre is a leading and reliable fertility clinic Rajouri Garden, Delhi. Apart from being a popular fertility centre, FSIVF Centre is the best IVF clinic in Rajouri Garden. At FSIVF Centre, we are known for our IVF treatment. 

When do we recommend IVF treatment?  


IVF is an invasive assisted technology, which enables a couple to get rid of the obstacles coming in their parenthood journey and have a conception. In this process, a lot of things - ovary stimulation, egg retrieval, egg fertilisation, embryo development, and embryo transfer - take place to make a woman conceive.

As a trusted IVF centre, our IVF doctor never recommends IVF treatment to any couples. Before doing so, we interact closely with you to know what you have experienced after your marriage and what made you think of it. In general, we recommend IVF treatment to males and females with:

  • Tubal blockage or damage 
  • Uterine fibroids 
  • Endometriosis
  • Unexplained infertility 
  • Poor sperm count & motility 
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Genetic disorders 
  • Family background with tubal problems or removal  

Our IVF treatment process


FSIVF Centre is the best IVF clinic in Rajouri Garden, Delhi. So, we follow the set medical norms & standards to perform IVF cycles at our fertility centre. Before we move to start IVF treatment for you, our IVF specialist explains every associated thing and gets your consent. Here is how we perform our IVF treatment to facilitate in your family expansion plan:

  • Primary consultation 
  • Recommendation of a few tests to your exact reproductive health condition 
  • Ovary stimulation through medicines 
  • Egg retrieval 
  • Fertilisation with sperm cells and embryo development  
  • Embryo transfer 
  • Pregnancy test 

Disclosure of the associated risks of IVF treatment 


At FSIVF Centre, we are a ray of hope among couples with infertility. So, as a responsible IVF clinic, we never do anything to harm you or reproductive health. We clearly disclose that IVF brings hope among childless couples with a few potential risks or complications. The complications could be:

  • Ectopic pregnancy 
  • Multiple births 
  • Premature delivery 
  • OHSS or ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome 
  • Low birth weight 
  • Miscarriages
  • Bleeding 
  • Damage to the bowel, bladder, or blood vessel 
  • Infection 

Being the best IVF clinic in Rajouri Garden Delhi, we leave no stone unturned to minimise these potential risks. From the initial consultation to final pregnancy test in our IVF treatment, we pay utmost attention to each stage and avoid having any misconduct. We do our best to help you get what you expected before visiting us. 

How can we help you have a successful IVF treatment?


FSIVF Centre is the best IVF centre in Rajouri Garden, Delhi. And so, we take every possible step to make your IVF treatment in Delhi successful. For this, we follow our made guidelines strictly and advise you to follow some do’s and don'ts. Here are what we instruct our patients to:

  • Leave smoking and drinking 3 months earlier the treatment 
  • Take the prescribed prenatal vitamins and minerals, especially folic acid
  • Be strict to our provided diet chart 
  • Avoid extra comfortable lifestyle and be physically active 
  • Do the exercises of light to moderate intensity 
  • Maintain a healthy communication with parents and well-wishers 
  • Connect with us if anything goes wrong while being at home

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