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Maternity Care

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Fertility treatment

Fertility treatment

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Gynaecology Care

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Best IVF Centre In Delhi

Fertility Solutions IVF & Research Centre (FSIVF Centre) is the best IVF centre in Delhi. We have the state-of-the-art clinical setups and sophisticated facilities to assist childless couples in their parenthood journey. With our highly skilled and experienced IVF doctors and allied health care professionals, we interact sincerely with our patients to know what reproductive or fertility problems they have. After that, we offer the best suitable and effective treatment and services like IVF, ICSI, IUI, Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopic surgery.

In addition to clinical setup, we have a diagnostic centre to facilitate our patients in their fertility treatment and gynaecological service needs. At the centre, we carry out Ultrasound, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Blood Tests, and allied diagnostic check-ups. In the execution of diagnostic tests, we follow the ICMR guidelines and produce highly accurate results to support our doctor in offering the best and affordable treatment options.

As a leading IVF clinic in Delhi, we are the preferred choice of women willing to become mothers and childless couples with a desire of having a child through medical intervention. What we are today is due to our team of doctors and healthcare professionals, ethical medical practice, and the availability of all allied treatment services under one roof. We are known for having a higher success rate and our association with more than 4500 females who become mothers after our successful IVF treatments. Further, we provide genuine information and utmost care to females and couples who come to us with a hope.

At FSIVF Centre, we are always ready to treat your reproductive health and fertility problems and serve you in the best possible way. Our representatives respond to your queries fast and provide the best requisite support. Make your parenthood journey successful with our support.

Fertility Solutions IVF & Research Centre is your one-stop Fertility Clinic if you want to enjoy the beauty of parenthood. Not everyone is lucky to conceive naturally. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find anyone to call you “mommy.” Thanks to modern science and technologies, now IVF is possible from our centre, to help you conceive and enjoy every step of parenthood!

The best part about our Fertility Center in Delhi is that we always use modern clinical setups and sophisticated facilities to help couples complete their journey. Our skilled and experienced IVF doctors are here and working hand in hand with healthcare professionals.

Being associated with this field for a long time, we are well aware of the problems our patients are facing. We know fertility and reproduction issues pretty well! Depending on the problem you are going through, we will offer the best and most effective treatments to serve our patients. Some of the most popular ones we have are:

  • IVF

  • ICSI

  • IUI

  • Laparoscopic surgery

  • Hysteroscopy

Even though options are many, people genuinely look for our IVF treatment more. Give us a call at +91 99117 57070 and book an appointment with us now!

Help from our Diagnostic Centre:

Apart from the major clinical setup, we even have a top-notch diagnostic centre to help our patients in their upcoming fertility treatment and cover all sorts of gynaecological help.

  • At our centre, we will perform hysteroscopy, ultrasound, laparoscopy and all kinds of blood tests needed to understand where your problem lies.

  • We are ready to offer our patients allied diagnostic check-ups. So, even after going through our IVF treatment, you can count on our diagnostic centre for the post-care routine.

  • For executing proper diagnostic tests, we will be following the major ICMR guidelines. It helps us to present accurate results all the time, in order to support our doctors and present the best and most affordable treatments.

More about IVF:

Before you jump straight into our Best IVF Clinic for the IVF package, we would like to share some information regarding this technique. The more you know, the better it will be for you to determine whether this is the right treatment.

In Vitro Fertilization is a form of assisted reproductive technology where the egg and sperm get fertilized right outside the human body. IVF happens to be a complex procedure that involves retrieving the eggs from the ovaries and then manually combining them with sperm for fertilization.

After multiple days of fertilization, the egg then gets placed inside the uterus. Pregnancy starts to take place when this embryo implants right into the uterine wall.

Reasons why our patients are more into IVF these days:

There are so many reasons for our patients to select our IVF treatment these days, with infertility issues being at the top of the list. Moreover, if any one of the partners has existing health conditions, the only way to conceive is through our IVF plan from our Best IVF Center.

  • We have patients coming up to us to try IVF as the last resort after all the other fertility methods have failed.

  • Some are in their advanced maternal age and IVF seems to be the only option to conceive a child so late.

  • IVF happens to be also a major reproductive option for all our same-sex couples or people who are willing to have a baby without any partner.

We have worked with so many patients with different issues at our IVF Centre in Delhi. If you or your partner suffers from a health issue that prevents the natural conceiving process, then IVF is the best solution to address. Some of the issues that result in IVF treatment are:

  • Unexplained infertility

  • Risk of passing a genetic disease to the newborn

  • Issues with uterus

  • Uterine fibroids

  • PCOS or any other ovarian conditions

  • Lower sperm count or sperm impairments

  • Endometriosis

  • Damaged or blocked Fallopian tubes

If you think you have any of these issues, we would recommend you to come and visit our IVF Doctor in Delhi right away. We will first run some tests at our diagnostic centre to understand the core problem. Based on that, we will start working on the IVF treatments.

The Time is Taken for the Process to Show Some Results:

Well, we would definitely like to inform our patients that IVF is a complicated treatment. And the time frame is not accurate for all. It all depends on how well your body is able to cope with the process. There are multiple steps involved to get the final result.

  • On an average scale, you can easily expect our IVF treatment to last for a span of 4 to 6 weeks.

  • This stage will include the time before retrieving the egg when the person takes fertility medication until tested out for pregnancy.

It is a Pretty Common Phenomenon:

Being an IVF Specialist in Delhi for such a long time, we have seen a steeping growth in the IVF treatment right now. From what we have seen recently, around 5% of couples will try to go for IVF treatment, who are otherwise suffering from infertility.

  • Since 1978, over 8 million babies have been born from the IVF process. It really shows why we are addressing more IVF procedures for our childless couples.

  • IVF is often considered to be the most effective form of ARTs available these days. Yes, we have other options as well. But, when compared to IVF, none of the others will work that well!

Get on with the steps:

To help you learn more about IVF Treatment in Delhi, we would like to provide you with a detailed step-by-step understanding. So, read till the end to learn more.

Birth Control Pills:

Before starting with the IVF treatment, we might prescribe estrogen or birth control pills. The main goal of this pill is to stop ovarian cyst development and control your time of the menstrual cycle. It will help us to control the treatment and maximize the number of mature eggs during the egg retrieval process.

Ovarian Stimulation:

For each natural cycle, a group of eggs starts to mature every month. During the IVF cycle, you will need to take injectable hormone medications from our side to help the entire group of eggs to mature fully and simultaneously. So, in place of having just one egg like in the natural cycle, you have multiple eggs. It is because we don’t want to take any risks!

Egg Retrieval Process:

In this process, our healthcare provider will use the power of ultrasound to guide a thin needle into each one of your ovaries through the vagina. The needle is further connected to a suction device to pull eggs out of the follicle.

  • The eggs are then placed in a dish with a special solution and then put inside an incubator.

  • We will use mild sedation to help reduce discomfort while covering this process.

  • This process of egg retrieval takes place around 36 hours after injecting the last hormone.

Time for Fertilization:

Right after retrieving the egg from your ovaries, we will try to fertilize all the matured eggs with intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI. Here, the sperm will get injected into the mature egg and the immature eggs are then discarded.

On an average count, we have seen around 70% of mature eggs fertilize. If the process gets successful results, the egg will become an embryo!

Development of Embryo:

For the next 5 or 6 days, we will carefully monitor the embryo's development. There are significant hurdles that the embryo needs to pass to make it suitable for transfer to the uterus.

  • On an average scale, around 50% of the fertilized embryos will progress toward the blastocyst stage. This stage is highly suitable for uterus transfer.

  • All the suitable embryos will be frozen on day 5 or 6 of fertilization to be used for future transfer.

The Final Transfer Stage:

We follow two different types of embryo transfer. It will be fresh embryo transfer and frozen embryo transfer. It is up to our doctors from IVF Clinic in Delhi to discuss the best one to use in your case. It varies from one unique case to another. Both these transfer processes will follow the same routine. The main difference can be understood from the name itself!

Enjoy Pregnancy with Us!

Pregnancy will start to take place when the embryo implants inside the uterus lining. During that stage, the woman needs to follow some serious steps to take care of her health and force the embryo to stick. Well, we know all the norms you need to follow during this stage and we will define each one with a thorough explanation. Make sure to follow the steps as they are, and you will get good news within a short period of time.

At FSIVF Centre, we are always ready to treat reproductive health and all kinds of fertility issues in the best possible manner. Call us now and book an appointment!

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Emergency Care

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Child care

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Diagnostic center

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Hospital Care

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Our Treatment & Services

We Provide Complete Fertility Solution


IVF Treatment

IVF is a hope for childless couples. We keep it alive.


IUI Treatment

Sperm collection & wash before insertion into uterus.



We use it to know the root cause of your infertility.


Advance ICSI

It facilitates IVF treatment to make the same successful.

You can trust Our Quality

FSIVF Centre is a reliable fertility clinic in Delhi. We value your reproductive health system and make the best effort to enable it to bring positive outcomes by following the set industry norms and standards.

Successful IVF Pregnancies 4500+ Successful IVF Pregnancies

In more than 40 years, we have assisted approximately 5000 females to have successful pregnancies through IVF. With each passing day, we are helping childless couples to be parents of a healthy baby.


We are known for our higher success rate for all ART and gynaecological services. Backed by more than 40 years of experience, we have more than 80% success in IVF and allied infertility treatments.


FSIVF Centre is an advanced fertility clinic in Delhi. Equipped with advanced clinical setup and facilities, we cure both male infertility and female infertility and help couples to become parents of a child.

Easy EMI PaymentEasy EMI Payment Options

We know Infertility Treatment is expensive & many of couples find it unbearable. To assist you in your parenthood journey, we help you get your treatment financed & pay the expense in easy monthly instalments.

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