San doubts, it is quite understandable that women’s health issues are not easy to deal with. Especially when you are trying to conceive or have some other female problem. The biggest issue under the circumstances is to make the right decision about which medical faculty is suitable for you to consult with. Several women couldn’t find it easy to choose the right medical specialist – a gynecologist or an IVF specialist. In this blog we have tried to provide you the best information that will make your task easier as well as you will get the right information and education about both the specialist and which one to choose at a particular woman’s health issue.


Initially, it is quite significant to recognize about the gynecologist issue and the prevailing symptoms in order to when is the time to consult a Gynecologist or an IVF specialist. It is so because based on your symptom, it will be quite easy for you to make the right decision. But before that it is also crucial to understand what these two faculties deal in.


A gynecologist takes care of a number of women’s health related issues including female reproductive system and overall health issues. They are the medical expert who looks after the problems like hormonal issue, cervical cancer, pelvic disorder, urinary tract infections, and breast related issues. Many symptoms such as fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, blocked fallopian tube, PID, irregular periods, etc.


A Fertility specialist, also known as reproductive endocrinologist, involves in dealing with the issues that is pertinent to infertility problems and provide relevant treatment for it.. They are specifically trained in reproductive endocrinology and assisted reproduction technology. After their graduation and post graduation in gynecologist and obstetrics, they study and practice several years on fertility issues and its treatment. They are the best person to consult if you or your partner are having an infertility issue that is not letting you conceive.

If you are still confused and not able to make your decision, lets see what are the signs and symptoms that will help you to decide when to see a gynecologist and when to consult an infertility specialist.


Vaginal discharge

White discharge may be normal in women, however, if you are experiencing vaginal discharge that is yellow, green or cloudy in nature, it can be a bacterial infection or STI. A gynecologist can help you dealing with this situation.


Infection can cause issues around and in the vaginal area. During the vaginal discharge, certain smells or odor is natural. However, if there is any fishy smell, it can be a bacterial vaginosis. Some other condition that may lead to a smell or foul odor in your vagina can be yeast infection or sexually transmitted disease. The gynecologist can treat such issues effectively.

Pain during sex

It may transpire due to infection in vagina or cervix or spasm in the vaginal muscles. To get rid of pain during the sexual intercourse with your partner, consult with the gynecologist.

Urinary issues

If you experience pain or burning sensation during urination, it is explicitly an issue of urinary tract infection. The symptoms can be pain in urinating, prominent smell in urine, blood in urine and fever. STIs and kidney stone can also be create urinary issues. A gynecologist can help you.

Abnormal or irregular periods

Usually, if you are experiencing an abnormal or irregular periods, you should consult gynecologist to know the reason and its suitable treatment. Fibroids or polyps can be a major reason for it.

Multiple miscarriages

If you have had multiple miscarriage, you should knock the door of a gynecologist. It is imperative to know what is causing miscarriage to prevent it in future.

Family planning

It is one of the integral parts of the couple’s life. A gynecologist can properly guide you about how to embrace proper family planning program.


The infertility doctor is a specialist in treating the issue related to infertility. They mainly expert in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). It mainly includes performing IVF treatment, ICSI, IUI, TESA, MESA and so on. When you are not able to conceive naturally or find it hard to get pregnant despite normal treatment, consulting an IVF specialist is almost mandatory. The issues and symptoms that will lead you to the door of IVF specialist may include as such:

Not getting pregnant naturally

If you are trying to get pregnant, but not able to achieve naturally despite doing everything right, and it has been one year or more of it. You should hardly wasted any more time in consulting an IVF specialist to seek medical assistance to achieve pregnancy

Male infertility issue

Often male infertility factors keep you at bay to achieve pregnancy. The IVF doctor will conduct a semen analysis test to ensure the quality and quantity of sperm viable enough to produce pregnancy.

If you are above 40 years

IVF treatment is the best option for the women who trying to get pregnant (if normal things does not work). Since the quality of egg reduces quickly at this age, IVF specialist can find out IVF way to achieve pregnancy.


When the treatment from the gynecologist does not help you to get pregnant, IVF specialist can still help you to achieve pregnancy with the help of IVF or other ART methods.

Multiple pregnancy loss

In this case, consulting an infertility doctor will help you to overcome the situation. A septate uterus, scar tissue, etc. can be the reason for it. The IVF specialist helps you to overcome this issue.

Unexplained infertility

In case the reason of your infertility is not known, you can still achieve pregnancy. Consult an IVF specialist to know your possibilities. IVF treatment is used to achieve pregnancy in unexplained infertility factor.

Based on these signs and symptoms, it will be easier for you to decide which way to go. Both are medical option have its own value and importance at their own position. You can choose what suits you the best.