Perhaps, the most common abnormality which is found in the sperm is the morphology or shape of the sperm. Sperms can have several defects in the tail, neck, or head. If a man has sperm between five percent and fourteen percent normal forms then it is considered abnormal. In case less than five percent of sperm are normal the prognosis for conceiving with therapy such as IVF or ICSI is low rather poor. It has been found that abnormally shaped sperm cannot bind to the egg. Such sperm usually does not indicate that the sperm is genetically abnormal. As a matter of fact, results from IVF/ICSI have indicated that a vast majority of even abnormally shaped sperm can cause healthy pregnancies. In case a genetically abnormal sperm is implanted into an egg resulting embryo, it is possibly abnormal and might lead to either very early miscarriage or no pregnancy.


In approximately one in three cases, male infertility occurs due to the absence of tubes or blockages – which occurs because of vasectomy or injury. It is only in rare cases that a genetic disease like chromosomal abnormality or cystic fibrosis can trigger male infertility. Listed below are some other causes which can affect the quality of sperms:

  1. Surgeries for hernias or undescended testes
  2. Excessive drinking
  3. Working in cramped or poor conditions, for instance, truck drivers
  4. Smoking
  5. Acute viral disease
  6. Frequent exposure to extreme heat (working in regular saunas or hot temperatures)
  7. Body mass index and weight
  8. Drugs, including steroids as well as recreational use

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