Infertility is one of the most common problems which have affected millions of couples across the globe. Although there are several treatment options available, an increasing number of people prefer India for being blessed with a little bundle of joy. Of all IVF methods, MESA treatment in Delhi has gained immense popularity. It is extremely effective and has helped many men to get rid of infertility.

Micro-Epididymal Sperm Aspiration, commonly known as MESA, refers to a fertility treatment procedure for men who have an absence of sperm while ejaculating. In most cases, MESA is performed alongside the ICSI fertility procedure.

How is MESA Performed?

When it comes to the treatment in Delhi, we, at FSIVF, make sure that you get excellent results. MESA center in Delhi, doctors make sure that the entire procedure is carried out with great precision as outcomes depend on the way it is performed.

  • A small incision is made in the scrotum and epididymis is exposed. It is a place where sperms are stored before the process of ejaculation.
  • Making use of a syringe and fine needle, sperms are extracted from the epididymis.
  • These sperms are then stored in the IVF laboratory so that they can be used in the procedure of ICSI.

Who Is The Right Candidate for MESA Methods of Infertility?

This technique of IVF is largely carried out for those men who have no sperm during ejaculation. This can occur for end number of reasons. For instance, a blockage in the vas deferens prevents sperm from passing from testicles to the penis, a congenital problem which refers to a condition in which a man is born with a vas deferens or a vasectomy which means the passages have been cut.

Duration of The Procedure – The entire MESA procedure lasts for nearly two to three hours.

No. of Days You Have to Hospitalize – None! Owing to the fact that it is an outpatient procedure, you are not required to stay at the hospital.

Anesthesia Administration – In most cases, it is performed under general anesthesia, even though local anesthesia might be used as well.

Recovery – Usually who are undergoing MESA treatment can resume normal activities the day after the procedure is performed.

After Care – Swelling and discomfort would be experienced in the groin region. The medication would be prescribed for relieving it. Make sure that you keep the area clean and dry.