Stress And IVF: How To Deal With It

Stress, anxiety, and allied emotional feelings are common for females during pregnancy. It seems you and your partner are constantly in a worry mode. Sometimes your emotional feelings and stress make it tough for you to do your daily life activities. In addition, it affects your pregnancy outcomes whether you have become pregnant naturally or through IVF. 

You are in the clutch of stress or anxiety soon if you or your partner are having fertility treatments such as IVF. It is as no fertility treatment gives a 100 percent guarantee for success. And even the success rates of clinical studies lie between 20% and 80%, but not 100%. Your fertility treatment is directly connected to your emotions and a combination of positives and negatives. However, you have to manage your stress and allied emotions to get maximum out of your IVF treatment. Here are some steps for your assistance: 

Identify and Examine your Worries 

First of all, you need to know what makes you worry about your IVF treatment. Knowing your worries will help you manage your IVF stress or anxiety. You need to simply listen to your thoughts coming into your heart and mind. Usually, IVF patients have worries about the following points:

  • Successful child birth after treatment 
  • Daily activities to make IVF treatment successful and have a healthy conception 
  • Other persons’ thoughts 
  • Effects of reproductive health issues on fertility 
  • Thoughts on having a pregnancy in earlier in life 

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After being familiar with your worries, you should examine them. And for this, you should talk to your IVF doctor or fertility specialist. During interaction with the expert, you should discuss all your worries and points associated with IVF treatment.  

Divert your mind when worries come into it

During your fertility treatment, several types of thoughts (positive and negative) come into your mind. Positive thoughts are good, but negative ones are bad for you. They can make you more stressed or anxious. You should start talking to your close ones or doing something interesting to divert your mind when you notice the entry of negative thoughts. 

Build a supportive team 

IVF is a time-consuming treatment process. It involves a lot of checkups and medical procedures. Sometimes, you or your partner may feel that you are alone in your fertility treatment journey. You need someone who can positively talk to you and help you in having different tests and medication purchases. For building a supportive team, you can request close one of your family members, relatives, friends, or colleagues to be with you.   

Prefer healthy ways to cope with IVF stress/anxiety 

During IVF treatment, you have both physical and emotional tolls on you. You need to face all these healthility. Your doctor will help you lower your physical discomfort while practising deep breathing and meditation will help you lower your anxiety and stress level. Further, you can start doing your hobbies like playing musical instruments, painting, and gardening to redirect your attention. 

Have counselling 

During the treatment, you may feel that support from your well-wishers and your effort are not enough to deal with IVF anxiety or stress. If it is with you, consult a clinical psychologist to seek professional support. The expert will produce customised tricks and tips that can help you cope with your ongoing stress, anxiety, or allied emotional tolls. 

Think about alternative options 

If your stress or emotional feelings caused by fertility treatments are making your daily life tough, you should think about alternative options. Under the guidance of respective experts, aromatherapy and acupuncture can help you a lot in dealing with IVF stress. These options can help you make your IVF treatment successful for you.       

At FSIVF Centre, we provide all types of support to couples having IVF treatment from us. Our doctors and allied healthcare professionals help couples ease their fertility treatment journey.