Unplanned pregnancies can be the cause of trauma and worry for many women. In this day and age when women want to achieve so much in life, conceiving a child can be the reason to worry for many. The only way they find to cope with it is by terminating it. Medical termination of pregnancy is a decision that should be taken with great care. It should not be taken lightly. It has been found that many women who undergo abortion often undergo counseling for the emotional and mental trauma that surfaces afterwards.

Although medical abortion centers have increased in recent years, it is important to choose the one with great care. Last few years witnessed many young women getting pregnant due to lack of awareness and knowledge. No doubt that abortion services are now easily available through professional abortion clinics and centers where women are treated with care and respect, it is important for a woman to get as much information as possible about the entire procedure before making the decision to terminate the pregnancy.

No decision related to pregnancy should be taken on a lighter note. Of course, most such decisions are taken with great care. After all, women know how precious and important that new life is. In other words, in some cases, situations do not permit welcoming this new life. Be it financial issues or some other reason, having a baby might not be a possibility at a given point of time.

Women who consider abortion should seek assistance and advice from the experts as soon as possible. Just like any other medical procedure, even medical termination of pregnancy carries risk. However, it is always suggested that if you have to terminate pregnancy then do it within twelve weeks of conceiving. It is the safest time. Consult a medical doctor for discussing the entire procedure and risk. It is always a good idea to discuss this decision of abortion with your partner.

Make sure you get the abortion done in reputed clinic or hospital. If you choose to terminate the pregnancy within first trimester then it might just take fifteen however additional time might be required for preparation, recovery and counseling. In most cases, a light, general anesthetic is administered and antibiotics might be prescribed for reducing the risk of infection.

Bleeding and cramps can be expected after termination of pregnancy is completed. Some women also feel tired and sick because of the anesthetic. You might need counseling to overcome emotional trauma. Abortion cost in Delhi depends on the doctor’s fee, procedure, trimester in which it is done, medication cost and counseling cost. Consulting the doctor would give you a better idea of the cost involving the entire procedure.