How To Improve Fertility For Women?

You have decided to conceive a child for the expansion of your family. However, your effort for a year in this regard does not bear fruit. And you suspect of having something wrong in you, fertility problems. Before you go to see a respective doctor to treat the problem, you should take care of your lifestyle. Following a healthy lifestyle can help you enhance your fertility. Here are some steps for your support:

Take a well-balanced and healthy diet each time 

Eating healthy foods or food items is crucial for every human being. However, as a female, it is more crucial for you when you want to boost your fertility and get pregnant soon. You need to ensure that the diet you take has all the requisite nutritional elements. For facilitating your fertility journey, your diet must include:

  • Whole grains & cereals 
  • Fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits 
  • Nuts, beans, and lentils 
  • Low fat dairy 
  • Eggs, fish, and seeds 

Have a close watch on your liquid intake 

You should drink enough water throughout the day and lower your caffeine intake, as caffeine dehydrates your system and affects your conception. Further, you should limit your alcohol consumption to 2-3 pegs a week or leave it completely. However, you can take juices and smoothies made from:

  • Yoghurt 
  • Milk
  • Fruits like mango, beetroot, and strawberry 
  • Vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumber

Stay away from toxins 

Air pollution with chemical & heat exposure is not good for your general as well reproductive health. Airborne toxins can interrupt the conception  inside your body and lower your pregnancy chances. When trying to conceive, you should stay indoors for most time and avoid going outside until it is necessary for you. 

Maintain a safe distance from smoking and illicit drugs 

Smoking is injurious to your health and your pregnancy effort. Heavy smoking can delay your conception and make you have pregnancy complications like low birth weight, miscarriage, and congenital development issues if you continue smoking after being pregnant. Quit smoking before you start working on your family expansion plan. Further, you should stay away from illicit drugs like:

  • Merijuana
  • Ganja
  • Heroine 
  • Charas 

Stay active 

Being physically active is crucial for you. Regular exercises help you regulate blood circulation, make your body flexible, relieve body & muscle tension, and manage your weight. So, you must perform mild to moderate exercises if you are unable to do rigorous ones. In your exercise routine, you can include:

  • Brisk walking 
  • Running
  • Jogging 
  • Swimming 
  • Dancing 
  • Stair use instead of escalators and lifts

Have a relaxed mind and body 

A healthy and clear mind with a relaxed body is crucial for you to stay positive and bright. And for this, you need to take proper rest (a sleep of 6-8 hours a day) and stay away from emotional feelings like stress, anxiety, and depression. If you have stress or anxiety, you need to lower its severity level. And for this, you can:

  • Practise deep breathing 
  • Meditate 
  • Count down from 100 to 10 
  • Watch light & funny television programs and movies 
  • Join a hobby class 

At FSIVF Centre, we help females to know what obstructs them from getting pregnant. Further, we help them to improve their fertility and pregnancy chances. If required, we help them to treat their fertility problems and move forward in their motherhood journey.